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Lori - Client Services, C.A.

I first was introduced to chiropractic care in 1992 after having a minor car wreck. I have continued with chiropractic care and began working in this field shortly after this time. I have introduced chiropractic care to my children and other family members . I feel this has kept me from being so sickly by boosting my immune system. I used to have terrible sinus and allergy problems, but through chiropractic care I no longer take shots and very little medication (mostly vitamins). It has been 16 years now and I still love to be adjusted and recommend it to everyone that has any neck or back pains, ear aches, snoring issues, headaches, sinus issues, joint pain, and arthritis problems.

Candace C

Staff was very professional and nice. I got a very clear understanding of what was going on with my body. I found out in one visit more information than I had from several other doctors and chiropractic offices. Nice to know that my neck was as bad as I thought it was, not just over doing it.

Sue T.

I feel very confident that Dr. Boshell can help me with any problems that I have. He always listens to my symptoms and I usually feel much better after receiving treatment. His staff is always very helpful and they are two of the best assistants, in my opinion, that I have ever encountered.

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