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Tiffany - Tech. C.A.

What in the world is an adjustment? I knew nothing about chiropractic care thirteen years ago, however I had been everywhere and tried everything and still I had no relief for my symptoms. I suffered for weeks with muscle spasms in my neck and shoulders so severe my jaw would lock up and I could not open my mouth. So when someone suggested Dr. Josh, I hoped for the best. After my first adjustment, I could see results. I continued on his treatment plan, and have continued chiropractic care from then on. One year after first seeing Dr. Josh, he had a position open in his office and offered me the job. I was so excited to have a career in something I believed in and knew I could help others also. I feel God has truly blessed me! I have the chance everyday to see the benefits of chiropractic care in others lives. People just make my day when they tell me, “You know, not only does my back feel better, I feel better all over.”

Lori - Client Services, C.A.

I first was introduced to chiropractic care in 1992 after having a minor car wreck. I have continued with chiropractic care and began working in this field shortly after this time. I have introduced chiropractic care to my children and other family members . I feel this has kept me from being so sickly by boosting my immune system. I used to have terrible sinus and allergy problems, but through chiropractic care I no longer take shots and very little medication (mostly vitamins). It has been 16 years now and I still love to be adjusted and recommend it to everyone that has any neck or back pains, ear aches, snoring issues, headaches, sinus issues, joint pain, and arthritis problems.

Candace C

Staff was very professional and nice. I got a very clear understanding of what was going on with my body. I found out in one visit more information than I had from several other doctors and chiropractic offices. Nice to know that my neck was as bad as I thought it was, not just over doing it.

Sue T.

I feel very confident that Dr. Boshell can help me with any problems that I have. He always listens to my symptoms and I usually feel much better after receiving treatment. His staff is always very helpful and they are two of the best assistants, in my opinion, that I have ever encountered.

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